Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How to keep your orthodontic retainer clean.

Retainers are forever!

At Prose Orthodontics we want you to understand that the retainers you have been given at the end of your treatment are necessary to minimize the movement of your teeth.  There is no part of your body that doesn't change over time and teeth are no exception.  Since your retainers are part of your life now, here are some tips to keeping them clean. 

If you have a lower bonded retainer we have shown you how to floss around it.  The retainer can stay in place for as long as possible, however, if it were to become lose or completely come out, please keep it and call our office right away to schedule an appointment to have it repaired.  Your dentist will clean around it at your regular visits also.

Your upper retainer will get dirty and wear out over time just like a pair of shoes. The key to keeping your retainer as clean as possible is to clean your retainer immediately after removing it from you mouth. Brushing your retainer can remove bacteria, but soaking your retainer in some form of anti -bacterial retainer/denture cleaner on a regular basis will help your retainer taste and smell better the next time you wear it.  

Keeping your retainers clean are very similar to keeping your teeth clean.  If you take care of your retainers, just like your teeth, they will look better and last longer.

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  1. Some people told me that I shouldn’t clean my retainer them with toothpaste! Is that right?


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