Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Orthodontic treatment and rubber bands

Wearing rubber bands during your orthodontic treatment

There may come a time during your orthodontic treatment when you are asked to wear rubber bands.  They are an important part of your treatment and it is important to follow the instructions given to you.  

These small, elastic bands add the needed force to align teeth, correct an overbite, or correct an underbite.  The rubber bands or elastics come in many different sizes, strengths, and colors and are fit specifically for you.  You will be instructed on where to place the rubber bands and also how many hours per day they are to be worn.  They can be removed to eat and also to brush your teeth.  After you brush, always remember to replace your rubber bands with new ones that Prose Orthodontics supplies for you.

If you are instructed to wear them full time, that means 21-22 hours per day. 
Think of the rubber bands as the force that pushes a car uphill - the continued force the faster the car will get up the hill. If you stop the force the car will roll back down the hill and you will be back where you started.  

Teeth can't guess where they are supposed to be in your mouth.  Their position is a result of force over a continued period of time.

Keep your orthodontic treatment on schedule and make sure to wear your rubber bands as instructed!  Please ask anyone at Prose Orthodontics for more information regarding rubber bands.

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